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23 декабря 2014 г.

Shungit - ancient carbonaceous rocks with an age of about 2 billion years. Schungite carbon solid residue is the oldest oil and shungite Zazhoginsky - petrified organo-silicate (silicone) gel. The breed derives its name - "Zhung" 130 years ago, but until recently has not been used, ie was not the minerals. Actively enter into the economic life begins only shungite XXI century.

Shungit not find application in practice because of their unusual properties . As an example of this - the story using shungita as an energy fuel. Schungite not burning furnaces . Not burned because Schungite carbon has high activity and reactivity. So high that heating is no need for him to take oxygen from the air. Shungit takes oxygen from the nearest neighbors - silicate minerals , showing " antioxidant " properties in thermal processes . Unusual properties reported shungite carbon shungite rocks and unusual special ( shungit ) carbon structure .

Schungite structure is defined as a non-crystalline metastable negrafitiruemuyu , globular , fullerene . The main element of this structure is the globule with sizes 100-300 A0 ( 10-30 nm ) . Globule has onion structure and the ability to slightly change the order inside fullerene layers and the distance between the layers. This is reflected in the definition  


 " metastable structures " shungite carbon . Structure globules themselves resistant to phase transitions shungite carbon into other types of crystalline carbon - graphite and diamond .

Shungit Zazhoginsky consisting of 30 % carbon and 68 shungite % silicates is a natural nano- composite.Nanostructure such breed determines its specific properties : sorption , catalytic, reduction ( antioxidant ) , the capacity for self-regeneration .

Shungit sorbent as a number of positive characteristics :

  • - High mechanical strength and low abrasion resistance ;
  • - High filtration efficiency ( adaptability, characterized by low impedance head) ;
  • - Sorption capacity for many substances, both organic ( mineral oil, benzene, phenol , pesticides , etc. ) and minerals (iron , manganese , phosphorus, arsenic) .

Shungit able to clean the water from the oil to the MPC discharge water fisheries in reservoirs. This effect is used in shungite filters installed on the Ring Road and new highways .
Shungit dense material with low porosity , the inner surface of the activated carbon is significantly inferior . Therefore competent to question - how effective sorbent shungite as how long it can work?
According to the work performed in the SIMS and Chemical Technology University . Mendeleev Schungite activated carbon sorbent loses in the first stage , during the first 250 hours , and subsequently begins to clean the solution with a higher and more constant speed. This is explained by the catalytic properties of schungite ability to catalytically oxidize sorbed organic matter.

Shungit as a strong reducing agent absorbs oxygen from the water . In the process of chemical interaction with the oxygen produced atomic oxygen is a strong oxidizing agent and oxidizing organic substances sorbed to CO2 and H2O and releasing surface shungita for new acts of sorption.
Long-acting shungita respect to dissolved metals is explained by the fact that the metals transferred shungite in the form of insoluble carbonates. This contributes to the oxidation of organic matter to CO2.
Shungita ability to absorb oxygen actively interact with it at room temperature in water and the air has numerous practical confirmation.
In water, the sanatorium " Marcial Waters " (Republic of Karelia) , leaving the thick shungite no oxygen . Due to this the iron present in high concentrations in water is a bivalent soluble form . When reaching the surface and exposed to air and oxidized iron is precipitated in the form of ocher.
This phenomenon is completely modeled in vitro . In a vessel with water and iron shungite allocated to the vessel wall just above the layer shungit. Directly from the water layer schungite iron filling does not fall out . Obviously, shungite absorbs dissolved oxygen and active than iron.
IO Krylov and AV Krylov give information about the decomposition of adsorbed on the surface shungita oil at room temperature. Petroleum concentration shungite after storage for 4 months decreased by 77,0-99,7 %, depending on the initial concentration . " Self-regeneration " shungites , apparently , was the result of the catalytic oxidation of petroleum products.
High regenerative , antioxidant properties shungita manifested not only with respect to oxygen . Research antioksidatnyh properties shungita respect to organochlorine compounds and free radicals formed in the Moscow University and the Military Medical Academy have shown that free radicals shungite outputs of water is 30 times better than activated carbon and almost completely. This is an extremely important point because the free radicals formed during water treatment with chlorine , have an extremely negative impact on the human body and are the cause of many serious diseases ( cardiovascular , cancer , and diabetes, aging pathologies , atherosclerosis ) . Regular consumption of free particles with drinking water depletes the biochemical mechanisms of the body and contributes to the development of various pathologies. One of the ways to solve the problem of the antioxidant protection of the population is the search of natural antioxidants and shungite is an effective natural antioxidant.
Shungita exceptional antioxidant properties should be subject to review and use of this material in a variety of drinking water systems in order to improve its quality characteristics in the direction of health giving properties of water .
Range of health properties shungita wide enough. First, schungite water has long been used to treat skin diseases .On the territory Zaonezhskoe Peninsula Lake Onega is the source of "Three Ivan ," which the local population venerated saints and treatment to which drove from other regions , despite its inaccessibility .
Artificial infusions shungite also treat skin diseases . In Tula SRI " New medical technologies ," the investigations showed that schungite drugs accelerate cell renewal and epithelization enrich cells necessary nutrients , stimulate blood circulation and regeneration of skin cells , carry out relief irritation. Schungite drugs have a bactericidal effect , relieve itching , have analgesic effect.
When using shungite drugs in feed pigs marked effect a complete cure them from diarrhea. Application shungita in feed foxes according to the Institute of Biology

Karelian Research Center of foxes increased weight , improved the quality of fur, promoted conservation pups per litter and increased livestock.
Introduction shungita in the diet of chickens - broilers revealed its ability to compensate for the negative impact of poor quality, mycotoxin contaminated feed on the growth of the birds .
Shungit recommended VNIITU poultry poultry farms in the country as a mineral supplement for the prevention of chronic stimulation of growth and mycotoxin birds .
These properties offer opportunities shungita use in medicine ( in particular in dermatology, dentistry , gynecology ) , veterinary , livestock , poultry .
Shungit Zazhoginsky - conductive stone. This property was shungita base to create on its basis a broad class of conductive building materials with radio shielding and radio absorbing properties.
Schungite radio shielding materials have passed comprehensive testing of industrial facilities for the protection of electronic information and have proved to be reliable, durable , environmentally friendly and safer than metal screens .
Topic protection against electromagnetic smog is becoming increasingly important . This leads coming to life and business practices of electronic appliances , communication , understanding the adverse health effects of solar storms and geopathic zones . Shungites able to interact with the electromagnetic fields of different nature , protect people from the harmful effects of these rays. Screened shungite materials reduce the level of human exposure is artificial and natural sources hundreds of times , and create conditions for a comfortable stay in their rights and restoration of health . In the wards, the Military Medical Academy ( St. Petersburg ) , shielded shungite patients recover much faster .
In the Tula SRI " New medical technologies " showed that the presence of shungite materials near the source of radiation cellular frequency significantly weakens their impact on the body.

Ecological potential shungita very wide. It is implemented in the processes of purification of water and air , to protect people from electromagnetic radiation of different nature , enhancing the immune characteristics of humans and animals in the therapeutic properties against a broad range of diseases .
In specific practical terms it is used to filter the drinking water and sewage treatment , in the creation of radioprotective materials and devices of rehabilitation centers shungitoterapii in agriculture - animal health, to improve the quality of feed, production of pure natural " no chemical fertilizers."

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