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(tel.)+7 (953) 5377704;;

(tel):+7 (921) 7013457;

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Эл. почта tdshungit@yandex.ru

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About Shungit

Shungite has the ability to clean water from almost of all organic compounds (including pesticides),
Electromagnetic radiation (electromagnetic waves) - distributed in space perturbation (change of state) of the electromagnetic field (ie, interacting electric and magnetic fields).
There are three main types of radiation:

gamma-ray emission
Any thing, any material object of those around us has a certain amount of radionuclides (not related to the nuclear industry) that can decompose and emit ionizing radiation - the proverbial radiation.
Radon, under normal conditions - a colorless inert gas, radioactive, can be dangerous to health and life. At room temperature is one of the heavier gases.
Geopathic zones are local geophysical anomalies in the form of weak electromagnetic fields of the Earth of natural origin, as well as man-made origin (associated with human activity).
Shungit - ancient carbonaceous rocks with an age of about 2 billion years. Schungite carbon solid residue is the oldest oil and shungite Zazhoginsky - petrified organo-silicate (silicone) gel. The breed derives its name - "Zhung" 130 years ago, but until recently has not been used, ie was not the minerals. Actively enter into the economic life begins only shungite XXI century.
Shungites and human safety . Proceedings of the First All-Russian Scientific and Practical Conference . Petrozavodsk , 2007 .
Shungite - Precambrian rock, which is a transitional stage from anthracite to graphite. It occurs in black, dark gray and brown.

Named after the village of Shunga in Karelia. Electrically conductive
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