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Шары, яйца, подставки
Balls, eggs, pedestals

 Шары из шунгита помогут Вам:

  • снять переутомление;
  • развить координацию;
  • концентрировать внимание;
  • повысить тонус организма.   

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The balls from shungite will help you:
· to get rid of overstrain;
· to develop coordination;
· to concentrate attention;
· to tonicize your body;
· and the important thing is that they are beautiful.

Exercises with them improve circulation of blood, normalize blood pressure, eliminate spasms and cramps of hand muscles, trembling of hands, joint stiffness.
Regular exercises with the balls preserve the high level of memory and mental abilities for a long time, help to cope with tiredness and avoid unnecessary anxiety. The balls are also attractive because of the possibility to exercise with them at any time and anywhere, which is the evident benefit of the exercises regardless of age, sex and state of health.
From the point of view of the modern medicine the positive effect of the balls can be easily explained by the closest connection existing between hands and central nervous system. More than that, according to the notion of the traditional Chinese medicine, there are active spots on fingers and palms, the pressure on which has beneficial effect on heart, vascular and digestive system. The modern medicine also admits the presence of reflexogenic zones connected with the internal and influencing their functioning on the palms. According to their effectiveness the balls can be considered one of the best means of maintaining high performance efficiency and active longevity.

Application Guidelines:

Healing purposes:

• Overstrain and stress removal;
• Development of coordination of movements, strength and sleight of hands;
• Stimulation of memory and attention;
• Normalization of blood pressure;
• Maintenance of the high level of vitality.
It is especially recommended to those people, whose professional activity is connected with frequent stressful situations (business, executive positions, working with people) and overstrain of attention and memory (programming, working with computer, dispatchers, drivers of all modes of transport, students, pupils, etc.).

Preventive purposes:

• Constant overload of hands (various kinds of handicraft , typewriting, playing musical instruments, going in for sports, housekeeping etc.).
• The exercises will help women to maintain the beauty, youth and sleight of their hands for a long time.

Medical purposes:

• For hand illnesses (arthritis, rheumatism, etc. Consult a physician before taking, do not take during exacerbation period)
• For people who had injuries of upper extremities, suffer from hands movement disorders regardless of the their causes, and also for those who walk with a cane or on crutches, and for motionless patients).


1. It is not necessary to perform masterly tricks for sanitary training; the simplest exercise will be useful: rubbing the balls between palms, rotating two balls on a palm, clockwise and anticlockwise.
2. It is necessary to maintain regularity in training and gradual increase of load.
3. It is advisable to keep on exercising not less than 10 minutes a day.
4. Try not to look at the balls, pay attention to the sensation in your hands.

Exercises with the balls
Toning exercises

“Coal on a palm”
Continuously throw up the balls on the palm; the ball at this time naturally massages the active points of the palm. It is also useful to roll the ball between the palms with some pressure, moving them in the opposite directions. Take into consideration the fact that the balls warm up quickly, that allows using them for massage of the painful parts of the body.

Squeezing exercises
Squeeze the balls with maximum tension; alternate tension with loosening up without leaving the balls out of hands.

“Rub the nut”
Hold the ball in the left hand, in the center of the palm, put the right hand on top, the center of the palm on the ball. Squeeze the ball from both sides as if trying to crush it.

“Tiger’s jaws bite the ball”
Squeeze the ball between the thumb and the forefinger (the so-called “tiger’s jaws”), hold the ball very tightly while squeezing, trying to get the feeling of ache and stretch.

“Dragon’s claws squeeze the pearl”
Hold the ball with five fingers. All five fingers press on the surface of the ball as if crumpling it.

“Monkey grasps the peach”
Squeeze the ball in your hands; the ball is in the very middle of the palm.

Rotating exercises (perform with the hand relaxed as much as possible):

• “Screwing and Unscrewing “: Put the ball in the middle of the palm, roll it with the thumb from the little finger to the forefinger, then return to the starting position with the help of the forefinger, continue “screwing” without breaking the movement. To perform “unscrewing” roll the ball in the opposite direction, returning it to the starting position with the help of the little finger.
• “Rotating two balls”. Perform “screwing” with two balls.
• "Galloping of two balls”. Take two balls in hand, with the bottom of the thumb push the ball closest to the thumb toward the middle of the palm; the palm at this time is folded up. Assisting this movement, push the risen ball in the opposite direction with other fingers. The balls switch places; the palm straightens up. Keep on continuous movement: one ball goes under another one, rolling in the center of the palm.
• “Horizontal rotation of the balls”. Take two balls in hand, the thumb pushes the ball nearest to it in the direction toward the little finger, and the little finger starts moving another ball toward the thumb. If the right ball goes closer to the bottom of the palm, the rotation clockwise takes place, and vice versa. Roll the balls without stopping; master the movement both clockwise and anticlockwise, keeping the hand with the palm up. After mastering you can try to do the exercise with the palm down, or at different angles.
• “ Three treasures”. Perform “horizontal rotation” with three balls clockwise and anticlockwise.
• “Magic pyramid”. Take three balls, put the fourth in the center between them, forming a pyramid. As time goes by you will be able to take easily at once four balls with one hand and form the pyramid of them on your palm. And for the time present use the second hand to place the top ball. Rotate three balls, and the fourth will rotate by itself; it looks very beautiful. Try to keep the pyramid – it breaks at any inaccurate movement.
• “The Seasons”. Perform “horizontal rotation” with four balls clockwise and anticlockwise.

Exercises for fingers:

• “A crane cracks with the beak”. Place one ball between straight forefinger and middle finger; squeeze another ball with thumb and ring finger. The little finger is pressed against the ring finger. Begin to knock the balls against each other, cracking as if with castanets. Little by little you will catch the rhythm, and your wrist will also join this movement. You will soon feel the positive effect of this exercise on your forearms.

• “A dragon plays with a pearl”. Place the ball between the little finger and the ring finger of the right hand, then with the middle finger roll the ball so that it is squeezed between the ring finger and the middle finger. Prolong the movement first with the ring finger, moving the ball from left to right, then with the thumb. The ball during its way does not touch the palm, rolling with the help of fingers. In the same way – between fingers - return the ball to the starting position. In order to do this place the ball with the help of the thumb from the right to the left between the forefinger and the middle finger an soon.


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