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(tel):+7 (921) 7013457;

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Эл. почта tdshungit@yandex.ru

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Гармонизаторы, массажные карандаши

  Гармонизация - приведение в состояние гармонии.
      Гармония (греч. harmonia — связь, стройность, соразмерность), соразмерность частей, слияние различных компонентов объекта в единое органическое целое.

Mineral harmonizers are an effective device for correction of the energy processes, recharging and restoring vitality in the human body. They help act upon biological active spots, to withdraw nervous strain and headache, keep vitality, vivacity and fresh views on life.

The Yin-harmonizer that should be kept in the left hand corresponds to the Yin (Moon) - half of the physical body. It is made from Shungite. The Yang - harmonizer should be kept in the right hand (it corresponds to the Yang or Sun half of the physical body). It is made of Tulikivi that can produce a high energy effect.

Application Guidelines:
The position of the body is sitting in a relaxed pose with legs uncrossed. Put the hands clutching the harmonizers on the knees and keep them in parallel with each other. It is recommended you close the eyes, distract yourself from your thoughts and concentrate totally on your senses.
The duration of the procedure is specific. You should start with 3-5 minutes and gradually come to 10-15 minutes. The “recharge” and harmonization effect persists for 2 days. It's recommended you use the harmonizers twice a day in the morning and in the evening for 2 weeks with a two week break to follow.

Acute heart diseases - cardiac infarction, stenocardia attacks, endured insult. neuromental disorders, high degree hypertension, acute infectious diseases with high body temperature, pregnancy.

237 руб.
Вес: 100 гр.

Размер: 120-140 мм.

Цена за 2 шт.
437 руб.
487 руб.
550 руб.
687 руб.
812 руб.
1 375 руб.
Вес: 330 гр.
Размер: 110х28 мм.
2 125 руб.

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