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82, Pervomaisky Ave, Petrozavodsk city, Karelia resp.


(tel.)+7 (953) 5453534;

(tel):+7 (921) 7013457;

Факс (fax.)+7 (8142) 568393

Эл. почта tdshungit@yandex.ru

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Пирамиды полированные 110 -115, 200, 250, 300 мм

Пирамиды полированные (Рolished pyramids)110,111,112, 113, 114, 115, 200, 250, 300 мм

Расчет по персональному заказу. / Payment by personal order

Everyone has long known - that any pyramid conceals some mystery and enigma. All scientists, and just people who are attracted to the unknown long wanted to solve the mystery of this extraordinary figure.
Space, like a pyramid, has for many years explored by man, and still hides a multitude of unsolved mysteries.
Shungite pyramid soaked energy of the cosmos. Firstly, the form itself bears puzzle. And secondly, it is "a miracle - the product" has extraordinary power, energy and useful properties. Such Shungite pyramid carry energy and give strength. She also has the ability to heal and protects from harmful substances in the atmosphere.
How to apply for the treatment of a pyramid ?!
You need to apply schungite pyramid to the affected area (base) and hold for 15-25 minutes, while necessarily take into account that the tip of the pyramid in any case should not be directed at a person or animal or plant, as your illness will go thereto.
Shungite pyramid also helps insomnia and just prophylaxis for better sleep. There is no age limit, it can be put side by side (under head) and with the baby and with an old grandmother. The effect will be to give only positive. Pupils and students will help to focus before a heavy day, give strength to acquire new knowledge.
Such pyramids fit and to improve family relationships. Then you had better to place them around the home, especially in the kitchen and bedroom. Marital happiness and love will be for many years, only to flourish.
Putting shungite pyramid in the office, in the collective relationships improve, things will go steadily and confidently. Will be understanding and increase efficiency.
Order pyramid shungit you can on our website. Here we are presented with a variety of sizes that will help you find exactly the one that will fit into your decor. Accordingly, the larger the size, the more positive qualities of her proceeds. Opt for such a wonderful invention, you will never regret it. Shungite pyramid can be ordered as a gift that will be very original, and most importantly, the gift will be useful and beautiful.


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