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+7 (953) 5453534;

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82, Pervomaisky Ave, Petrozavodsk city, Karelia resp.


(tel.)+7 (953) 5453534;

(tel):+7 (921) 7013457;

Факс (fax.)+7 (8142) 568393

Эл. почта tdshungit@yandex.ru

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Кубы не полированные
Unpolished cubes


As is known, the cube - it is such a figure, which promotes wealth, he just pulls it. For quite a long time becamepossible to put the cubes in offices, homes. To business always just grew, and the house is not the money goes. Cubajust bring success and prosperity. Just cube effect on family well-being and, if you put it in the apartment. The family will be less quarrels, harmony and understanding prevail. That is why Cuba did with all the stones and scrap materials.
But the most useful and effective - it shungite cubes. Shungit famous for its powerful energy, which applies to all living things. He is able to heal, to heal, to give a good mood. This is a very durable stone that will last you for many years and will be only positive emotions.
Order shungite cubes you can on our website. Here you will find a very different sizes, from the smallest, which can be put on the shelf, and they especially do not pay attention; or quite large - which immediately crash into the eye. In the modern interior large cubes are very profitable and stylish look. They will emphasize your individuality, originality. In the interior they can decorate any space, thanks to its seemingly unusual appearance - they will transform your apartment. And do not forget, the more cubic meters in size, the more benefits it will bring.

120 руб.
150 руб.
180 руб.
240 руб.
360 руб.
480 руб.
660 руб.
900 руб.
1 440 руб.
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