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(tel.)+7 (953) 5377704;;

(tel):+7 (921) 7013457;

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Эл. почта tdshungit@yandex.ru

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Shungit - it is a natural stone that is indispensable for all criteria. Because it makes jewelry, souvenirs, shape, helps to attract wealth luck. But shungit still apply and in construction. It is used both in decorative finish, and in the manufacture of special treatment rooms. Brick shungit cost you is not cheap, but it is higher than the pros. The remarkable properties and qualities possessed shungit can describe very long. But most importantly, it is designed tobe the best, both in its construction quality, and on decorations.
Especially often shungite bricks used when manufacturing medical room. They are built in spa-salon, health campsand sanatoriums in elite baths. He is able to reduce stress and fatigue, give a wonderful mood, improves mood. Regular procedure, visit a room, let you feel the positive changes already after the first hike. But the biggest result you get by visiting a room constantly. Shungite bricks even help cure serious illnesses.
Many people, especially those who work monotonous work, prone to depression, irritability, and do not know how to deal with it. Schungite room and can help in this situation. It acts on the body as relaxation, which raises the charge ofinternal energy.

Размер: 200х100х50 мм
Вес: 1500 гр
1 212 руб.
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